Monday, August 26, 2013

Soapbox Holistics comes to West Philly Arts

Here at West Philly Arts, we have been kicking off the last four summers with a two-week arts camp. This year, our theme was Art and Science. We really explored this connection by creating scientific experiments, carefully observing the outcome and translating the results into an art or craft. We made scientific illustrations, studied the solar systems, drew from observation, created kaleidoscopes, zoetropes so much more. We also had some very special visitors on one of the last days of camp: the ladies of Soapbox Holistics who showed us how to make lip balm from scratch!

Soapbox Holistics is a locally owned company featuring hand made body products. They came prepared with some scientific facts about the natural ingredients they use such as cocoa butter, shea butter, almond oil and more. We really learned the importance of taking care of our skin while making delicious mint-chocolate lip balm. The lip balm was set in minutes and we were eager to try it out...but first, we got to design the labeling and the packaging by personalizing our lip balms into our very own product. The result was a true merger of science, art, and design!

We were really thankful to Christine and Sharleen for such a unique experience! For a listing of all their products, visit their online shop at, and like them on facebook at

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